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“Both BIRD SEED and ICE MELT come in very heavy bags! We use Cap & Close® on the bottom to eliminate the constant continual lifting, letting gravity do the work!!!! I love to use my Cap & Close® for easy filling of outdoor Bird Feeders and dispensing into small containers making it much easier to refill the feeders! Another great feature and benefit of Cap & Close®!!!”
Tim K. – Illinois

“Love using the Cap & Close® for my DRIVEWAY SALT! Thank goodness I don’t have to lug around a 50 LB. bag anymore!”
Betsy K. – Illinois

“I have been using the Cap & Close® on various bulk products, along with different food products such as cereal, and other kitchen items. It’s great! I keep finding more uses for Cap & Close® on both outdoor and indoor products.”
Lynn – Glendale, AZ

Before Cap & Close® I had to scoop the dog food into my countertop container, because the 50lb. bag was too heavy for me to manage. Now I turn a plastic bowl upside down to get the bag high enough to fill it. I know my toy poodle’s food will remain FRESH and it’s way easier with Cap & Close®! I also think that Cap & Close® is the perfect solution for storing bird feed. Most bird feed is difficult to reseal. This left me with twist ties that were hit and miss for letting tiny insects or ants to wiggle inside. Cap & Close® has kept the bird seed fresh and Bug free! I consider it a necessity. What a great idea!!
Diana W. – Rockford, IL

"We use the Cap and Close® on our dog food bag and appreciate how it makes pouring easier and also closes tightly to keep the food fresh. The adhesive sticks securely to the waxy plastic material and yet is easy to remove when the bag is empty. Love the sturdy construction and that it's reusable!"
Monica & Andy – University Place, WA

“This is so easy! I’ve been using this for several months for my dog’s food! He’s only 10 pounds, but pouring it from a spout is WAY better and easier than from any bag. If it makes my life easier, I’m in! Thank you!”
MG Kan – University Place, WA

Finally found a way to pour dry dog food from a 30lb bag without kibble escaping and dropping all over the floor. The Cap & Close® makes it easy and able to use again and again.
Kris R. – Sumner, WA

We buy large bags of food for our pets, including expensive prescription food, but I worry about keeping the food fresh when the bags are impossible to reseal. Cap & Close® not only makes dispensing easy, it seals the food back up in the original package so I know my pets are getting the best quality food. And I no longer have to clean up messes from when a bag tears wrong.
Rachel - Tampa, FL

This product has made it so much easier to store and pour my bulk coffee beans. So much less waste! Also great for my dog food bags. Put it at the bottom corner of the bag and no more heavy lifting.
Layla L. – Rio Rancho, NM




My cat Archer has a terrible problem with knocking the food bag over and eating until he’s content. He usually does this at night time. Cap & Close® is perfect for people with naughty cats like mine- no more open bags! So even if he is able to knock the bag over- nothing is going to spill out!
Caitlin - Hot Mess Housewife

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