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Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind Supports Cap & Close® Launch

SEATTLE - May 3, 2021 - After months of preparation and collaboration, Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind is ready to support the official launch of Cap & Close®! Providing both manufacturing and order fulfillment, this valued partnership will provide never-before-seen convenience products to the consumer market while supporting the organization's mission to create and enhance opportunities and independence for people who are blind, deaf-blind or blind with other disabilities.

Thank you Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind!

Cap & Close products made at Lighthouse for the Blind
Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind manufactures and fulfills orders for Cap & Close®

Cap & Close® Provides a Sealing and Dispensing Solution for Bulk Packaged Food and Household Products

Reusable spout minimizes spilling and helps maintain freshness for bulk food, pet food, birdseed, lawncare and other household products.

TACOMA, Wash. & ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – May 3, 2021 – Cap & Close®, a reusable dispensing solution for a variety of household items, is now available at Inspired by the desire to maintain freshness and quality of pet food, Cap & Close® was invented to create a reusable way to reclose food packages, make pouring easier and minimize spillage. Cap & Close® is suitable for use on a variety of bulk packaged products including food, litter, seed, fertilizers and much more.

Each Cap & Close® system consists of three parts: Cap, base and double-sided adhesive ring. To install, users can simply apply the adhesive ring to the bottom of the cap base and adhere it to any bulk bagged product’s packaging, once it is secured in place, remove the cap and cut a circular opening inside of the cap base. Remove the easy-to-grip cap to dispense product and replace the cap to reclose the packaging, thus eliminating the need for secondary storage containers or the hassle caused by difficult to open packaging or large tears that prohibit resealing.

“Cap & Close® was inspired by our love for pets, past and present; sourcing high-quality food is important to keep them healthy. Maintaining freshness is best in the original packaging and although Cap & Close® was created with pet food in mind, it’s useful for so many other items,” said Lisa Kerstetter, managing partner for Cap & Close®. “Bulk ingredients, bagged snacks, birdseed, fertilizers, salt and many other things come in big bags like pet food or cat litter that can be a challenge to open, reclose and dispense. This simple, reusable device solves those problems.”

Cap & Close® is made in the U.S. in partnership with Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc., a nonprofit organization that provides employment opportunities for people with blind, deaf-blind and other disabilities, as well as Kruse Tape Inc. of Santa Ana, Calif.

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About Cap & Close®

Cap & Close® is a reusable sealing and dispensing product that is ideal for bulk bagged pet food, household pantry items, lawn and garden products and many other uses. Using Cap & Close® helps maintain freshness, eases pouring and eliminates the need for secondary containers. U.S. Patent No. 10,479,568. Cap & Close® is made in the U.S. in partnership with Lighthouse for the Blind. For more information, visit

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