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Chicago Food Storage Containers

Chicago Food Storage Containers


There are so many ways to make life easier by using our product for food storage containers! Did you know one of the ways of keeping your food fresh for a longer duration in your food storage containers in Chicago, IL is by using our Cap & Close® solution? We created a re-usable way to keep food in Chicago food storage containers fresh, easier to pour and a solution that minimized spilling.

The fantastic thing about our product for Chicago food storage containers is that it has many uses. For example, if you have a large bag of bird seed that is difficult to lift and dispense the seed from, simply insert our product in the bag and you have a great solution for your Chicago pet food storage situations.

Many people have found our product to be a great solution for their Chicago food storage containers like:

  • Container for cereal
  • Container for sugar and snacks
  • Containers for flour and rice
  • Container for bulk food

For your needs for Chicago food storage containers, get in touch with Cap & Close® today.

Chicago Dog Food Container


Did you know that you can use our Cap & Close® product to keep your pet food in your Chicago dog food container fresh for a longer period of time as well? We were inspired by the love of our furry friends when it came to creating a solution for every Chicago dog food container. We wanted to properly contain pet food storage so that we could keep our pets healthy, nourished and strong.

No matter what brand of food you may have in your Chicago dog food container, get in touch with us when you are searching for a product that makes it easier to manage large bags of dog food. We have the following products available for Chicago dog food container solutions, including:

  • Starter pack for dog food container
  • Bonus pack for dog food container
  • Adhesive Rings for sealing dog food container
  • Cap & Close® for bulk dog food

Contact Cap & Close® when you need a smart and effective solution for your Chicago dog food container needs.

Chicago Pet Food Storage


The best way to store your Chicago pet food storage is by keeping the pet food in the original bulk bag or packaging. Our Cap & Close® solution for Chicago pet food storage eliminates the need for a large secondary storage container. With the proper use of our Chicago pet food storage product, you can reuse it and know that it will last for many years.

Our product for Chicago pet food storage will work on all sizes of pet food storage and is ideal to transfer product from larger bags to smaller counter top storage containers, fertilizer spreaders, bird feeders, cat boxes and more. Get in touch with us when you are searching for solutions to effectively store your Chicago pet food storage like:

  • Kitty litter storage
  • Birdseed storage
  • Livestock feed storage
  • Cat food storage
  • Dog food storage

For your Chicago pet food storage needs, contact Cap & Close®.

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