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Examples of uses for the reusable Cap & Close™ include:  dog food, cat food, kitty litter, bird seed, livestock feed, cereal, sugar, flour, confections, snack foods, bulk nuts, bulk rice, bulk club store items, bagged lawn fertilizer, plant food, insect control products, bagged grass seed, and more!

Cap & Close™ can be used as many times as you would like.  A new Adhesive Ring will be needed for each application.

We recommend reusing each Cap & Close™ system or individual components for the SAME product category. For example, DO NOT use a system or components previously used on fertilizer for household or pet food applications.

Each Adhesive Ring is designed to be used one time for each application.

No.  Although it is best to remove as much as possible, it is OK to place a new Adhesive Ring directly over any residual adhesive material remaining from the prior application.

Yes, but ONLY IN THE SAME CATEGORY or SEGMENT! For example, DO NOT use a system or components previously used on Lawn and Garden or Pet segment products for Household food items.

It is a personal preference….For easier pouring, the upper side of the package works very well. A lower location works well for larger sizes to help minimize continual heavy lifting, letting gravity do the work. Front and center works well for household products like confections and sugar to name a few….Experiment to identify what works best for you depending upon the application. See our Testimonial and Gallery pages for examples of location options.

Cap & Close™ works on all sizes and is ideal to transfer product from larger bags to small counter top storage containers, cat boxes, fertilizer spreaders, bird feeders, etc.

We recommend hand washing the threaded Cap Base and Cap.

With proper use, Cap & Close™ will last for many many years….We have been testing Cap & Close™ for over five years with absolutely no issue.

In the original bulk bag or packaging!  Cap & Close™ eliminates the need for large secondary storage containers.

YES!  Cap & Close™ is ideal for products sold at Costco, Sam’s, BJ’s etc….

Yes, however we do not recommend exposure to extreme hot & cold temperatures.